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Rev. Peter H Smith B.A.                        Mission Statement:
“At St Peter’s we aim to be a place where God’s love works for all"


From the Vicar,

Another month, another magazine, and still we are in a strange world. At the beginning of all this lockdown I don’t think anyone gave much real thought to how we are going to return to “normal.”  The latest thinking from the government and church leaders is that we may (only may!) reopen churches from the 4th July.

Now before we all get excited, that will only allow the opportunity for people to come in for private prayer, but no services, apart from funerals, which again will have to have strict social distancing and cleansing measures in place. What a nightmare for the Wardens, having to do risk assessments and maintain the rules!

When will people be able to receive communion again? Well, your guess is as good as mine. Before all that of course, we have to complete our legal obligations by holding an AGM and an APCM; electing new Wardens, electing new PCC members. This may have to be done virtually, that means either by using a video conference facility of some sort of a conference call. I will be asking the question of the Area Dean if we can hold a meeting in the Hall or church and do so with social distancing. I’ll keep you updated on that.

I mentioned last month about funerals not being charged for by the diocese until the end of May. As this magazine goes to press, we haven’t had a decision from the diocese, if they will continue to carry on with no payments for funerals from June onwards. Sadly, we have had quite a few more, including some very longstanding friends and church members including Julia Swift and Cathleen Berry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all families who have to not only endure a bereavement but also a very different funeral service than one would expect.

We are coming to the end of Thy Kingdom Come, which is the ten-day period between the Ascension and Pentecost. I hope you managed to access some to=f the fantastic resources the Church of England has provided; either online, via their “app” or by receiving or purchasing their booklets. Follow this link

While we cannot meet together as a church congregation, it is important that we maintain our personal worship, reading, study and most importantly…our prayer life. Prayer is something we can all do, either on our own or with family members. Again, the Church of England provides a short Daily Prayer service online or via their “app” which is available from either the Apple Store or Google Store.

Finally, thank you all of you who have watched my Communion services, have encouraged and commented on them, or have followed my daily “blog” on Facebook; and for the emails and phone calls. They mean so much to Lorraine and me and keep us going. I hope and pray that we will be able to meet again in our church as the family of God; and with a new sense of perspective and purpose.

Every blessing